Learning Science Concepts Through An Innovative Teaching- Learning Technique- The BRIDGE MAP

Learning science is fun. A good teacher makes the learning a lifetime experience. Science becomes interesting so far it is imparted with practical, every day connect.

In the last few decades, we have witnessed a great breakthrough in the way science concepts are taught and learnt. Science learning is no more a bookish affair. A whole new methods and techniques have evolved to reach out to even the weakest child.

Learning science has been made workable through various Interactive methods like low-cost classroom experimentation, field trips, storytelling, role-play, text cards, word walls, projects, video clips, PowerPoints, Science fair, Science clubs, Science- at- home, Quiz, model making etc.

Here, in this blog, I have tried to introduce to my readers, a teaching- learning technique which can act as a powerful tool in remembering various science concepts. The tool I’m talking about is called a ‘Thinking Map’.

Thinking maps are visual tools for learning. There are eight such types of thinking maps, each linked to a specific cognitive process.

Thinking maps are illustrations which can effectively communicate information using precise and brief language.

Here, I am considering one of the thinking maps which is called a BRIDGE MAP.

A ‘bridge map’ is a thinking map that is used for Analogies or comparisons to understand similarities and relationships between the pairs that are being considered.

In each pair top item relates to the bottom item. Such relating items are connected by ‘bridges’ (triangles) to show analogies.

Let’s understand the BRIDGE MAP with the help of the following ‘video clip’ prepared by me.

Here’s a video composed by me to help ease out the learning technique called BRIDGE MAP, for the viewers….

Video about BRIDGE MAP (A Thinking Map) (Video credit- Self composed)

I find these Bridge Maps useful as they-

Help teacher to illustrate concepts in a brief & precise way, so makes it interesting for students.

Help students to take down notes briefly with a good and precise understanding of the topic.

A ‘bridge map’ can extend upto any length, only it should include related items.

There is no hard and fast rule for the content. The teacher- taught can use them extensively, creating their own Bridge maps.

Readers do give a feedback, telling how useful you find these Bridge maps.


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8 thoughts on “Learning Science Concepts Through An Innovative Teaching- Learning Technique- The BRIDGE MAP

    1. Such concepts are so useful, especially in the current scenario when most of the teachers and students are connecting through online classes…
      Great efforts…

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