Learning Science Concepts Through Another Useful Technique – The BRACE MAP

As an extension of the THINKING MAPS I referred to in my previous blog, I introduce here another type of Thinking Map – The BRACE MAP.

The BRACE MAP is an effective tool for learning (or teaching) Whole- to– Part relationship for different topics/ concepts of Science.

A BRACE MAP is a great way of remembering different parts of any structure (say Parts of a Plant/ Organism/ Organ), remembering spellings of difficult Scientific Terms with their Meanings with the greatest ease…..the uses of BRACE MAPS are multiple & have been discussed in detail in the following ‘video clip’ prepared by me…

Video Demonstrating A BRACE MAP & Its Uses ( Video credit – Self composed )

One of the important Takeaways from this video clip is thatBRACE MAPS can be very useful in arousing interest towards Science in students & at the same time giving them a cue about how to proceed towards learning a difficult ‘Structure’ with ease…

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Educator with a penchant for Science

8 thoughts on “Learning Science Concepts Through Another Useful Technique – The BRACE MAP

  1. Well done!! Poonam Ma’am….. found it interesting.
    I will use it in my teaching tool.

  2. Really an amazingly effective technique for learning concepts and terminology…Nice to hear the explanation in your bold and clear voice..Poonam…Keep it up!!

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